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"Every bride and groom wants a beautiful ceremony, but the majority of your guests are there for the reception. We wanted to make sure our dance floor was packed from start to finish. We hired Hoffy and that is exactly what happened!"

-- Joe and Tiffany



Hoffy's Entertainment has been Wisconsin's leader in quality wedding and party entertainment since 1997. Our success has not come by accident. We are professionals who take your special day or event very seriously. Below you'll find a list of questions frequently asked by our prospective clients. We feel that these questions are important tools to use when searching for the very best entertainment for your wedding reception or event. We hope that you will find them useful.

Q: Does Hoffy's sub-contract work out to other disc jockeys in the area?
A: No. All of our entertainers work exclusively for Hoffy's Entertainment. We never sub-contract work to other companies.

Q: How extensive is the Hoffy's music selection?
A: All of our disc jockeys use Cd's and Dvd's only at each event. Each entertainer carries roughly 40,000 songs in all genres. Our DJs carry music varied enough to play at a youngster's birthday party, yet "classic" enough to perform at a 75th wedding anniversary…and anything in between. Prior to any party or event, our Staff and or DJ will meet with you and can go over your special music needs. If we don't have a song you are looking for, we'll get it!

Q: Do we get to pick the music that will be played at our reception or does the DJ pick it all?
A: Hoffy's puts that decision into the customer's hands. You can provide a list of as many songs as you would like via our online planning site and we will tell the DJ to stick to that list, or you can give us a list of 5 songs and trust us to play what we think will work best. If there is anything you don't want played, we don't play it. The choice is yours!

Q: Does the DJ take requests from our guests?
A: Yes. Your disc jockey will be more than happy to play requests from your guests, if it's O.K. with you, and the request is appropriate. If there is music that you would prefer not played we will have that list for our Dj so if requested he will kindly say that at the request of the Bride and Groom that you didn't' want that played and see if we could play something else for them... If you'd rather we didn't take requests, we won't.

Q: Will the DJ play CD's or MP3s provided by the customer and/or guests?
A: Yes. If you have music on a CD or iPod, we will play it (As long as it is okay by the person booking us that we let the guests do this). We will be glad to play anything you wish... as long as it's appropriate.

Q: Does Hoffy's offer demo videos of the DJs?
A: No. Hoffy's does not offer demos because each Wedding Reception/party is totally different than the next. The music, crowd, atmosphere, and overall energy of the party will always be unique and fun for each individual bride and groom! Demo tapes often demonstrate only one end of the spectrum. When we talk to you about your event and the type of "atmosphere" you are looking for, we will try to fit the entertainer to your tastes.

Q: Can we come to a wedding reception and watch an Hoffy's Entertainment perform?
A: No. Our prospective clients are more than welcome to see us in action at any of our public appearances. Hoffy's will not market ourselves at anyone's wedding reception or party... including yours.

Q: How will the DJ be dressed?
A: Professional. All Hoffy's entertainers are required to wear a Dress shirt and Tie/Suit for weddings, unless directed otherwise by you. If you're event has a special theme, our disc jockeys will be happy to dress the part!

Q: How long has Hoffy's been in business?
A: Hoffy's has proudly served Wisconsin since 1997... that's 16 years of "The Areas Top Personality Dee-Jays"!

Q: Is Hoffy's Entertainment a member of the Better Business Bureau?
A: Yes. Our membership demonstrates our integrity. Hoffy's has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for over 10 years. Our service record is outstanding and our reputation is extremely important to us.

Q: Does Hoffy's have emergency back-up equipment and/or staff?
A: Yes. We understand that the unforeseen can occur. We never book all of our entertainers. In the event of an emergency, Hoffy's has a warehouse full of sound equipment, standby Hoffy's Party Vans, and professional disc jockeys on-call—ready to deliver the equipment or do the job!

Q: Can the DJ stay overtime if need be?
A: Yes. If the party is just too much fun to end at the contracted time, arrangements can be made between you (the customer) and the disc jockey to stick around and keep it going!

Q: Will the DJ be energetic and outgoing or quiet and reserved?
A: That's totally up to you. Each of our Wedding Reception Disc Jockeys has a unique and individual style of their own. The beauty of this is, we have the ability to pick the entertainer that will best suit your needs... outgoing, reserved, or anywhere in between. Your needs are determined by a combination of the conversations you have with our knowledgeable sales staff and the musical selections you return to us.

Q: Can I chose the DJ I would like to have at my reception?
A: Yes. You may have seen or heard of a specific Hoffy's Disc Jockey that you'd like to have for your event. You can request any DJ you wish. The only time you may come across a problem is when the DJ you want is already booked. (Prices and packages may vary when requesting a specific entertainer.)

Q: Can Hoffy's provide music for the ceremony as well as the reception?
A: Yes. For clients who are having their ceremony and reception within the same venue or even at separate locations, Hoffy's can provide the appropriate music and sound system for the ceremony. You may customize your ceremony music to your needs. We can even provide microphones for the minister and/or vocalist if need be. (Additional charges may apply.)

Q: Will the DJ be able to coordinate and emcee the reception?
A: Yes. All of the Hoffy's Wedding Disc Jockeys are trained emcees and will keep your reception running smoothly, coordinating with all of your vendors to ensure that everyone involved is clear of your expectations. We will make all of the necessary announcements needed to keep your guests informed of any upcoming events.

Q: When does the DJ set-up, and do we get charged for set-up time?
A: All Hoffy's Disc Jockeys are required to arrive a minimum of one hour prior to the contracted start time to set-up, get dressed, and have the music playing by the time your first guest arrives. There is no charge for the hour of set-up time.

Q: Can Hoffy's provide lighting, effects or additional services? (Photography, light show, photo booth, etc.)
A: Special effects, or additional services such as Photography, uplighting, photo booths or karaoke, can add excitement to any event! Many of our clients prefer to have effects or additional services and others do not. Be sure to discuss your individual needs with your sales consultant when you call. We have a package that's right for you!




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